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Guest Rabinowitz_The_Red

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Guest Rabinowitz_The_Red

hi guys hope everybody is ok. As i am part of the CRDG and i run my own promotion company 'Rabinowitz Productions' i have joined the 2 together to go on tour in april. the dates will be posted below.

but first

the CRDG are looking to go italy and denmark this year and we need the funds (like everyone else) to go. So i have organised 3 gigs (which one date has to be changed and hopefully i'll add another one) to raise such funds. At the music venues (which are your football clubs) we will charge on the door to watch 3/4 bands (dependng which event you go to) to watch them. the dates are

Friday 3rd april - Helston FC (7pm bands start 8/8.30pm) (TBC with payment) £3 entry

Monday 6th april - Falmouth Town FC (8pm (time TBC) £3 entry

Thursday 9th April - St.Blazey FC (8pm (time TBC) £3 entry

hope to see as man of you guys there to support these events. if anyone else can hold us for a night this would be much appriectaed

keep checking back here for the latest news



(sorry about the spelling)

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Guest Rabinowitz_The_Red

hi guys Helston F.C is on 2night hope to see you all there gig starts at 8.30 and doors open at 7/7.30pm

£3 entry to see 4 of the best up and coming bands in the county

Deluded Drop

The Spangles

Bad Channels

Electra Complex

it's going to be a great gig with 50% of the profits going to the bands and the other 50% goes to the referees deveolpment group.

come have a great night

monday the 6th we our at falmouth fc with

deluded drop

bad channels

coffee and the tv wreck

same times as well guys and price. check bk on monday

and the st blazey gig is hopefully going to be postponed for a week till the 16th april

cya guys x

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