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laffs and western inn

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Hi Metts, Alan Oliver here Western Inn Vets.

4 weeks ago last Sunday we were due to play St Teath in the semi final of The Porthminster cup, on the Tuesday before that I decided to give the ref a ring to make sure he knew where we were due to play, he told me the game had been called off (I thought St Teath could not get a side) so I phoned St Teath the following night to arrange a different time and was told that they had been told by Doug Atkins the game was off due to us having too many seniors on the pitch when we beat Hayle in the quater finals (Still no one had told me from the league) on the Friday night Clive Wooders phoned me and told me the game had been cancelled while they looked into alligations that we had played too many seniors, i thanked him and he named the 5 involved, I informed him that 1 of them was not a senior player and he said it must be looked into and he would get back to me in 2 weeks.

Now the rule states that you may only play 4 senior players (any senior Cornwall League) unless 14 days has elapsed since they last played.

I phoned Doug Atkins and asked him about the rule but he just kept saying that I had wrote bad things about him on this site, and in the end I realised I was getting nowhere. He turned up to watch us play your team in the Devon and Cornwall cup and I asked Dave Morgan to speak to him to see if he could find out what was going on.

On Monday morning 2 weeks ago he phoned Dave Morgan and told him we had been kicked out of the Porthminster cup and fined £25.00 and this had been ratifed by The CCFA, Dave asked him for proof of the offence and he said Clive Wooders was now dealing with it but he was on holiday. We got intouch with The CCFA and they knew nothing about it, they phoned Doug Atkins and he told them that Clive Wooders was dealing with it. I have tried to contact Clive Wooders without sucess. I cant beleive hayle VB have anything to do with this and I salute every one of you that play Veterans football on a Sunday.

So where are we Know?, I don't know. My guess is that it will not be sorted out in time before that end of the season and the cup will be retained!!!!!

please dont ask Phil for his opinion, he is very passionate about football!!!. All the lads at The Western Inn Vets would like to thank everyone who has supported them, who has played against them and who has made it so enjoyable on a Sunday morning. quite a few teams could have easily beat us, the game against you that finnished 5-4 being a typical example.

Thanks to you also Metts, I also know you have a long history in the game. Regards Alan Oliver

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thanks for that ollie and maybe i should have just texted or called phill lol , the guys at western i regard as good friends and iv known for nearly all my life and im good friends with phill and his mum and dad , what ever you choose to do you have the support of my self and every one at godolphin to get back and be renstated in the cups. the vets have to abide by the rules but i feel the western have been short changed , take care and hope to catch up soon alan metters

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