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Sunday 22/3 Results

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The first final for this season went off well. A fine game with Mike Carter using his card a few times, generally for a bit of over-enthusiasm.

The game was very even until extra time with each team having periods where they dominate the game - without either opening up a scoring gap.

In extra-time, the students dominated. Probably superior fitness showed.

The final goal to wrap up the match was the pick of the bunch, Tremough getting behind the Railway defence on the left and sending over a low cross that teased the keeper off his line and beat the defender for the Tremough attacker to pass the ball intothe goal.

Now it gets interesting.

It GWRSA draw with Booters or win on May 5th, they win the League. Otherwise they end up with nothing.

If Railway do lose, Tremough get the league and are on-target for the treble when they play TMS at Wendron for the Sobey Shield on April 19th.

We could have three winners for the trophies, we could end up with one!

The next final - Crowntown Vs Star for the Peter Hickey Cup. Wendron, Sunday 5th April.

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