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United - It is still in their hands, can they keep their heads?

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After getting bashed at Old Trafford last week, United (well, Mike Phelan) promised a return to form against a Fulham side that United reserves had taken apart not many weeks ago. Rooney said that he hated Liverpool and his rant seems to have affected him. Chelsea were unbeaten (but not playing particularly well) under Hiddink and Liverpool were written off after Rafa's inexplicable 'mind games' episode and too many draws at Anfield.

With the title seeminly wrapped up, United lose their discipline and drop another three points at Fulham. Not the ideal time to be losing big players to suspension, although strength in depth isn't a concern for United. Chelsea lose to Spurs and after beating Real and United by a hefty margin, nobody would be surprised if Liverpool do not beat Villa after an inconsistent season. It also looks like Arsenal could have a big say in where the title ends up, although the margin seems too great to recover at this stage of the season.

Are we in for a tense run-in?

United - Aston Villa, Sunderland, Portsmouth, Spurs, Middlesborough, Man City, Wigan, Arsenal, Hull

Chelsea - Newcastle, Bolton, Everton, West Ham, Fulham, Arsenal, Blackburn, Sunderland

Liverpool - Villa, Fulham, Blackburn, Arsenal, Hull, Newcastle, West Ham, West Brom, Spurs

Putting loyalties aside (as I have tried to do here), could this be one of the most exciting ends to a premier league season? I am sure there are going to be plenty of surprises between now and the end of the season, although I do think that it is ultimately down to United.

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I wrote my team (Chelsea) out of the title race at the end of Nov. We were not playing well, still too many injuries. I advised anyone who would listen to get on ManU at 7/4 as I couldn't see Liv keeping going. They are having a easy win today (5-0 at mo) but Fergie knows what is required.

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Perhaps I underestimated what Liverpool are capable of, I think Jamo has got it right it the other thread. A lot of teams seem to be having 'bad days' against Liverpool, yet they don't always get the credit they deserve. Another good win, the goal difference won't do any harm either. It seems that it could all get a bit interesting...

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Wouldnt quite say Rooney had a rant Mike. He grew up supporting Everton, played for them and now plays for United so he will hardly be a big fan. His actual words were "i grew up hating Liverpool". At least he was honest and didnt say the usual footballer crab, "great club with history and you have to respect them yada yada yada.....", shows that some of them still think like fans and I say good on him. Not in the same league as Ranta Benitez.

Yesterday though he acted like a prize **** and Im sure Fergie told him so!!

Should be a good run in with all sides having some mahooooosive games!!

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