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Pederson stop lying son


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Anyone that saw Arsenal vs Blackburn at the weekend would have seen Pederson try to con the officials into getting a penalty by demonstrating perhaps the worst dive in premiership history-so bad even the biggest of all Arsenal haters match of the day were taking the p*** out of Pederson. Anyone who didnt see it ought o youtube it. With not a defender in sight (Sagna about 2metres away) Pederson clipped his own heels and went down, and then waved his arms and heavily protested that he couldnt beleive it wasnt given.

Then only a few days later after total scrutiny and embarrasment hits in he says this on sky sports



Blackburn midfielder Morten Gamst Pedersen has hit back after his penalty box fall in the 4-0 defeat by Arsenal on Saturday.

Pedersen was roundly criticised for going to ground with no other player in the vicinity during Rovers' heavy Premier League defeat at the weekend.

The Norway international was clear of Gunners defender Bacary Sagna when he tripped himself up and went sprawling in the box, but referee Phi Dowd was unimpressed, although he did not issue a caution for diving.

Pedersen insists he was not trying to con the officials and spoke to Sagna during the match to clarify the situation.

"It wasn't a penalty and that's not what I was after," he told Norway's Nettavisen.


"If you see the pictures, you can see that my legs hit each other and I fall. The heel hits the leg, and I fall face down.

"There were many thoughts that went through my head, then and there. I was frustrated and maybe waved a bit with my arms.

"But it was definitely not a penalty, and I told that to Sagna later as well.

"The referee came up to me straight afterwards, and I am counting on that he would have given me a card if he had thought that I was trying to dive.

"As I said, I wasn't trying to cheat (to win) a penalty. And it was correct that I didn't get one."

It sums up teams like Blackburn entirely, what a mug!!!!! :SM_carton: :SM_carton:

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I don't get it, where's the lies?. He's made himself look like a real twonk infront of thousands in the stadium and millions sat infront of a TV, BUT he's come out and openly admitted that there was NOT a penalty incident and clarified that with Sagna during the game. Maybe at the time, he clipped his heel without actually feeling it (don't tell me you've never done that) and considered it MAY have been a penalty but then after a few seconds to re-evaluate and take into account that nobody was close enough to catch him, he figured out what obviously happened.

I absolutely agree that it looked bloody stupid when it happened but I don't think he was intentionally trying to con anyone?. Opinions eh, who needs them :rolleyes: ..

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The lie is that hes come out saying he wasnt protesting for a penalty-if you watched the game (not sure if match of the day showed his protests but football first did), when he went down, he looked at the ref and flung his arms as if to say how have you not given it-he then proceeded to confront him about it literally seconds later-then to come out and say carp like-i flung my arms in the air through frustration of being a donkey and tripping myself up is utter crap.

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I absolutely get what you're saying Smithy, and they did talk about it on M.O.T.D.. They played it in slow motion and as he broke away from Sagna, he just clipped his own calf/heel. Even those in the studio were laughing but they also happened to think that he didn't realise that he had caught himself. It is easily done and IF he didn't feel the contact in the foot that caught his standing leg, it is not too unreasonable for him to ASSUME that it was the defender that caught him, is it??.

Perhaps things should be more focused on the referee and what a great job he did in dealing with the incident. He obviously saw that Pederson caught himself, otherwise he WOULD have atleast cautioned him. He then obviously explained to Pederson what actually happened and that resulted in Pederson coming out in public to clear up the whole situation.

There is way too much diving and cheating in the game today and in my insignificant opinion, it is ruining the beautiful game. However, were we so quick to vilify the likes of Michael Owen and Stevie Gerrard when they were doing the same thing and successfully winning penalties for our national team in past world cups and euro championships?. I somehow think not...

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