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The Match That Time Forgot

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Yes he did Darren. He told someone after the game that he played 45mins. it is his right to stop his watch every time the ball goes dead however, if the managers & players know that before kick off, im sure he wouldnt be getting the flack he's getting ! More to the point, why is someone who does not leave the centre circle & is obviously not fit enuf to cover the ground & keep up with the pace of a top game, refereeing the top game in the league ???? :SM_carton:

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Although it's very unusual for a referee to stop his watch as much as Larry does, however, is he right?

The Duration of the Match

Periods of Play

The match lasts two equal periods of 45 minutes, unless otherwise mutually agreed between the referee and the two participating teams.

Allowance for Time Lost

Allowance is made in either period for all time lost through:


assessment of injury to players

removal of injured players from the field of play for treatment

wasting time

any other cause

The allowance for time lost is at the discretion of the referee.


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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

Man Ure announce intention of signing Larry Marsh or at least his watches for all games played when they need a goal after 90mins.

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