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Guest frenky


It’s online game, where you can reveal your managers skills in football business. You choose the countries and hire the footballers, trainer, medical staff for your team.


Thereafter, be ready to build your own stadium, make money from tickets, TV broadcasting and sponsorships. Gamer goes deeper into this virtual world minute by minute: it’s even possible to own factories, that produce sport equipments or like football boots or pay more attention to the commercial and financial aspects (such as buying shares and equities of the other football clubs).


We know what people like in football and it is not just seeing team beat another. It is about the spirit of the game with all the attributes, which exist in the football world. In our game all your teams can have even football fans, who follow them everywhere.


People are crazy about 3 things in the life most of all:

Authority. All people want to prove that they are the best , because it brings the respect and recognition of achievements. We have a rating system in our game and everyone can see who is the richest, smartest, most successful and the best manager. Everyone wants to take that place. Gamers try to get this status through invention of different game strategies, that will allow them to get to the top.

Team spirit. If you look at football stadium, it is not difficult to notice that people are not just observing a match. They are covered with bright drawings, shouting the name of favorite team. We believe that the reason is only team spirit – even when men hunted for mammoth thousands years ago, they did it together. In this game it’s possible to create your own football leagues to play with you friends and share emotions and knowledge. It will be a time together.

Dreams. Everyone have dreams in their life, and, probably it’s the most beautiful thing which we might have : just in a moment you can imagine that your dream comes true. However, it can’t happen faster than you think about it – in reality it obviously would need much more time. Our game is a small dream for many people – they would like to own real football teams and feel all this power and taste of victories, they would like to be proud of something that they have created themselves. We give them teams, we give them a world where they can feel all of these.


I believe you saw many football games in Internet, but no one from them can propose something more than just to observe how footballers from your team play with footballers from the other team and that’s it. But we try to focus on many more details and aspects of real life. It is different from usual football managers like Fantasy League :

  • We don’t have duplicate players in our game. Everyone wants to have Beckham in his team, and other games give this possibility, although we are confident that it destroys the pleasure of game process. It becomes much more exciting and interesting when you try to get this single Beckham to your team. And it’s possible, because if the team of gamer loses many matches then players can leave it.
  • We all know that happiness of the game is not in the victory but in the way, which you have to pass through to win. All other online football manager games have very restricted time when people can enjoy playing matches, and when a football season ends gamers have to wait until the start of the next season.
  • In our game you will be always be happy even between official championships which occur every month, because you can play up to 30 unofficial matches with different people every day. Apart from that, you can create your own private leagues and invite your friends to play in it. You’ll not have time to be bored here.
  • As mentioned, gamers always try to improve the skills of footballers to make their team stronger and win as many matches as possible. Surprise and uncertainty is not how fantasy Football works, where you just get the team and observe how it performs in real life – nothing depends on your efforts. Things are different in our game: you can train your footballers and even buy new football boots to increase their strength and improve their skills. You can feel how each one of your steps brings results.
  • Other football games does not have variety of economical models. Usually they are just focused on played matches and nothing else that can make you feel like a manager. In our game, people build stadiums, issue equities, produce sport equipments, support football fans, create own private leagues and much much more. It makes you think about business side of football also. economy side of the football business. It’s just like in real life football, isn’t it?


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