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It's a small world, Spurs fans


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Some of you may know that I live in a small town (pop. 10k), but there is some support for soccer -- my doctor, who grew up in the north of England and is really more into rugby, but his children support ManU, Chelski, and Sheffield Utd (!). And I've got a cousin-in-law who's English and into Le Arse.

But who should move on to my street, not four houses down, but a Spurs fan! I've had three conversations with the man, and it's all Tottenham Hotspur, all the time! He's from north London -- Seven Sisters Road, apparently, which meant nothing to me, but he said it with great authority. He's joined our Sunday league and seems like a nice enough fellow.

Anyway, I just wanted Coopsie, Somerset Spur, Peck1961, et al, know that while you may be having a disappointing season, rest assured that your flag is flying high in the remote corners of the earth.

In the meantime, roll on LFC! :lol:

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Have all the Spurs supporters been driven from the forum by the constant ranting drivel?


PM me your email addy and I will send you some vids from Real Madrid and a couple of pics of the Kop on Tuesday night!

Great nightS!!!

Great! You've got mail. What a week, eh?

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