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Okay before you read my post I follow the Tine.

In the first game Athletic should have won, and wrapped it up before half time, but didn't. Tine never give up and got a draw in the last minute.

Tonight was a different story, after a fairly even first half Athletic went in 1-0 ahead after a thunderbolt top corner strike.

Tine dominated the second half and could have equalised, a number of people saying the strike against the underside of the bar went in, before bouncing out but it wasn,t given so it wasn,t a goal. End of!

Long periods of pressure were rewarded with a Mark Kent aka Minto penalty, the last kick of the game in the 96th minute, after several long injuries. Well deserved and credit to Tine for never giving up.

Injury time.... First half dominated by Tine with several good opportunities against the ten men of Athletic following the sending off for handball for the penalty.

Half time seemed to take the steam out of Tines charge and Athletic had the best chance from 6 yards out saved by the keeper, and to be fair they did very well with ten men.

Penalties... Best set of pens I,ve seen from Junior clubs with Athletic winning 5-4.

Athletic.. Enjoy your win and party hard, Well done.

Tine.... Every player can be proud of your performance, your supporters were. Make this a good season, plenty still to go for.


Were the match officials the same as the first game?

Same 3 on the park, but I think there was a different 4th official, but not sure.

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Ian Grant was fantastic. he pinged the ball round lovely and put some of the best through balls in that ive seen. well done Granty. Also Nathan "dinch" Grimshaw was solid at the back didnt let anything through all night (except the thunderbolt goal, that was unstoppable).

James Bush for Athletic was on top form, believe he was their best player on the day. although his shot that hit the post was shocking!!! haha!!

an entertaining couple of games that have taken me past my bedtime on both occasions.

Unlucky Tine but credit to you for battling away. Lets have the league now.

Good luck in the final Athletic.


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Unfortunately the video of the equalising pen and the first saved pen in the shoot-out won't be available till tomorrow now (out of my hands I wasn't the one who did the video as I was taking the pictures) but I will upload them on here as well when i do.

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I thought we were the better team in the first half with only the one goal to show for it. Tine did battle back and did have the better of the second half. However once we went down to 10 men in the 97th minute all we could for see was a tine onslaught in extra time. For some reason though it just did not happen. Once in to penalties it really is a lottery that anyone can win. Luckily for us we came out on top.

Would like to wish tine all the best for the rest of thier season

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