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Champions League

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There's no doubting that Liverpool have played very well tonight BUT we mustn't forget that in Juande Ramos, Real Madrid have a manager that has PROVEN that he CAN'T handle or adapt to the way that English teams play.

Like I said, I'm not detracting from Liverpool's performance. Just food for thought maybe?

Also, ALL Liverpool supporters are obviously buzzing tonight, BUT as much as you all absolutely love these SPECIAL European nights, wouldn't you happily sacrifice a few of them for a league title?. I'm not having a dig (how can I, I'm a Spurs supporter), I just imagine that it must be so frustrating to have a manager that is basically a wizard in European football but somehow just doesn't seem quite so magic in the Premiership.

Obviously I'd love to be experiencing what you lot get to experience but I can't help but think there simply must be just a hint of frustration when it comes to the Premier League?

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Guest Man on the Post

It is well known, (particularly in Spain), that Rafa wants to be the manager of Real Madrid. In order to achieve that he needs to do well with Liverpool in the Champions League. His focus has therefore been on that, at the expense of the Premiership. :D

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Great to see that all 4 of the English Premier League teams made it through to the quarter finals of the Champions League, some easier than others ( :ninja: ).

Let's hope the draw is good and we can look forward to the possibility of an all Premier League Final again this year.

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