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Radio Cornwall get snappy!!!!

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Was at work today, having my weekly conversation with a mate on the weekends football, i was telling him about St Austell radio presenting a pilot show, he was quite interested as he didnt hear anythng about it before.

Anyway he was telling me that recently his dad was talking to his mate, and i cant mention names cos i dont think they`ll appreciate it and its not relevent to this topic, but, they are big Falmouth Town followers and when Falmouth Town were at an away fixture (Which they didnt attend) they were at home listening to Radio Cornwall waiting to find out what the Falmouth result but he was getting fed up as usual nothing was getting read out about falmouth, so about 5:15 he sent a txt to the radio station `any news on the falmouth town result please?` he waited for 20-30mins and then txt`d the same txt again, waited again till about 6:15pm and still hadn`t heard anything again this time he txt`d `Please can you inform us on the falmouth town score and not the rugby!` and again heard nothing about the result.

When later on to his surprise, i`m assuming after the sport show had finished he recieved a phone call on his mobile phone, when he answered it, it was none other the main sport man of bbc radio cornwall `Jamie Reed` and basically he said to the Falmouth Town supporter ` Have you got a problem with the radio show mate? because you have been constantly txting us` to which a lenthly conversation then followed and falmouth town supporter said that they keep going on about truro city and cornish pirates etc etc too much and forget about the other cornish football clubs, but it was like talking to a brick wall, that brick wall was Jamie Reed.

Just like to say well done to Radio Cornwall for getting mouthy to your listeners when they politely ask you for results of a proper football club.

Probably why they wouldn`t speak to me on Laurence Reed`s lunchtime phone in when i mentioned that their sports coverage was poor. Maybe we should all bombard them with txts one weekend, all txt at the same time! lol

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very sure, the lad who told me at work is best friends with me.

And he repeatedly said he cannot believe that jamie reed phoned this fella up and said "Have you got a problem with the radio show mate?"

And i`ve got to be honest i`m shocked at it too, but then again we ALL know how radio cornwall has gone, the station as general brilliant but for sport very poor.

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

I gave up on Radio Rugby a couple of years ago. Now my main gripe is with those driving around with Radio Rugby stickers doing 24 MPH, and why do they all wear hats ?

Shame Dave can't do a 'live' broadcast from Poltair on Sat but I hope he will be there to take some recordings, just a thought !

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Guest Peppermint

Following on from Paparazzi'a posting - the Radio Cornwall [so called ] Sports News at 1pm today done by Laurence Reed himself. A lot of time given to Truro City's home match this evening but no mention whatsoever about one the most important dates in the County Football Calender - Westinsure Cornwall Senior Cup Semi Final between Perranporth and St Austell at Mount Wise - 7.30pm kick off.

How do this so called Cornish Radio Station justified that - it is an insult to the County and its football followers and the two good football teams participating.Defend that Radio Cornwall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Why am I bothering they are far to arrogant and ignorant of local affairs to listen.

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