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Listen to the Cornish Soccer Radio in brought to you by Dave Deacon and St Austell Bay Radio programme again, i have recorded the programme and hosted it so users can have the chance to listen to it again.

You have 2 options either click on the link and stream the programme or right mouse button and select save as, and download the programme in a mp3 format filesize 26.3mb. Handy so you can put it on your ipod to listen to another time.

Stream or Download Here

Please let us know what you think of the show and whether you have streamed or downloaded the recorded link and if you would like this option to be available more.


Phil Ruberry (Paparazzi)

Can you also spare a minute to answer the poll on the following : http://www.cornwallfootballforum.com/forum...?showtopic=9010


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listened to the show live on line,phoned in to give my result,they phoned me back, the guy there knew who i was already,apparently my reputation ha d spread to the east of the county already!

very professional the way it was done, even if rappo did give me some grief afterwards!!!!

top drawer dave and the team!! and when is rappo gonna get off that fence!! that arse of his must be killing him now!!!!

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I simply cannot believe the lack of support and comments for this, for weeks, months, years people have been moaning about there has not been a decent radio coverage for football in the cornish county, and now there is a chance to have one people are not supporting it.


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Guest Sam Boston

Just finished listening and I reckon it's a winner. It's a bit rough round the edges but that's to be expected with the first show. Once the reporters settle in to it and the Managers start getting used to the phone calls I'm sure it will become essential Saturday listening for us all on the way back from our games. I like the laid back attitude and the friendly way the interviews are conducted. Well done Dave and Co :clapper::clapper: :clapper:

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