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Cornish Football Programme

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Listen to the Cornish Soccer Radio in brought to you by Dave Deacon and St Austell Bay Radio programme again, i have recorded the programme and hosted it so users can have the chance to listen to it again.

You have 2 options either click on the link and stream the programme or right mouse button and select save as, and download the programme in a mp3 format filesize 26.3mb. Handy so you can put it on your ipod to listen to another time.

Stream or Download Here

Please let us know what you think of the show and whether you have streamed or downloaded the recorded link and if you would like this option to be available more.


Phil Ruberry (Paparazzi)

Can you also spare a minute to answer the poll on the following : http://www.cornwallfootballforum.com/forum...?showtopic=9010


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I simply cannot believe the lack of support and comments for this, for weeks, months, years people have been moaning about there has not been a decent radio coverage for football in the cornish county, and now there is a chance to have one people are not supporting it.


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I listened for the full two hours via the web and despite losing the link 4 or 5 times during the show (time out I think) I thought it flowed well. Two pieces of music though Dave - Madness was good, but cutting short the second track was quality. Rappo was good but I think we need a poll as to when he will say something which may set the cat amongst the pigeons (only joking Rappo). How do you remember all the goals you've scored, I can't even remember what happened yesterday! Dave, I thoroughly enjoyed the show and it gave us something to look forward to on a Saturday evening as well as encompassing league's and club's throughout the whole county, something which has been a bit short on the ground. The Simon Tonkin chat was right up there with `It'll be alright on the night` but if you take that away, you lose the reality of a live show. Great first show and as soon as I get back from Launceston v Saltash on Saturday, I'll listen in again. Keep up the good work. :thumbsup: By the way Dave, I still have my list!

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When we had the poll I and very few others voted for a Sunday night show. Most people voted for a Saturday show thinking they could listen to it on the way home from a match as we did for Radio Cornwall.

It's a pity we in the West or North of the county can't here it live.

I've got a decent radio at home and I can't pick it up (nor Radio Scilly unfortunately) so I've downloaded it and have listened to half of the show so far. Good from what I've heard in the first 57mins.

We need a poll to find out who did listen to it either live, repeated, on the internet or downloaded.

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Don't forget everyone - another programme this coming Saturday, so get your texts in with results, scorers and anything else that may be of value to the programme - text to me on 07759 502408.

And many apologies to anyone in the Division One East - I had a problem opening the attachment last week, but will ensure you get your results read out this Saturday!

Hopefully CTB you've found the poll on the main discussion board and voted.

With regard to the original poll which is actually still up and showing on the Cornish Soccer website, the question set was : If there was a possibility of getting a programme on the radio, which meant that most of the Cornish population could only listen to it via the internet - when would you prefer it to be broadcast?

Answers - Votes - Percent

1. Between 5 - 7pm on the Saturday evening: 170 - 74%

2. 10am - Noon on the Sunday : 26 - 11%

3. Or in the evening on the Sunday : 35 - 15%

I did try and emphasise that it would be via the internet. :thumbsup:

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