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New tv Programme coming soon!

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Apparently the BBC have commissioned David Attenborough to produce a new documentary on a really strange species.

Unusually these animals can go into hibernation at anytime from early winter (although they have been known to get their heads down in autumn).

The exact timing is hard to predict, this year they were still active in early February but have all gone to ground now.

What is certain about their habits is that they will become very active again in August when they will announce their arrival back on the scene with a unified call of:

"This will be our year".

This is followed by a couple of months of mainly unintelligible twitterings and moanings highlighted by the male of the species barging around making increasingly wild calls about his likely success in the field.

It builds into a cacophany which is seen by experts as the first sign that all is not well and sure enough almost immediately after all this bawling and bragging has reached a peak the species goes to ground until the next August.

Sounds like it is going to be a fascinating programme and a must watch at this time, as we celebrate Darwin, to view creatures that seem to have followed a totally different evolutionary path to the rest of the planet.

Found this and thought Id share it with you all

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Get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :ninja:

Coming from someone who names themself after a tv programme made for 2 year old. Nice one!

Will explain further. This is just a bit of friendly banter aimed at Liverpool supporters and for other United fans. In no way was this meant to offend anyone. This is the last thing I would want to do, knowing how fragile the Liverpool fans can be

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Guest Peppermint

You have to remember Gillo10 that some of the Forum users have no sense of humour and they either resort to personal abuse or negativity. Look at the postings of Shanethebuck for example and FIFI seems to be joining him. Even noticed Master Chown on the Combo Select posting being on the same wavelength as them - wishing that United lose. Most fair minded supporters are happy that all English clubs go through - and even Liverpool fans were very scathing of a poor Real Madrid side last night.

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Gillo, I knew what your post was all about, but couldn't be bothered to bite, as I've seen the content before but in a different way as such.

I have to admit, I don't want Utd to get through tonight! why would I? I'm a Liverpool supporter, not a supporter of Utd regardless of who they were playing. Likewise with Arsenal and Chelsea, I couldn't give a monkies if they got stuffed 5-0 by some German team.

And yeah, Real Madrid were poor last night, but I beleive that Liverpool made them look poor as well

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