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Saltash United v St Blazey - GAME OFF

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Tomorrow's match at the Kimberley looks like it could be a belter with both sides hitting form at the right time.

Saltash put NINE past NA Spurs on Saturday and St Blazey put four past Liskeard, so this match could really be worth a watch.

Saltash firm favourites, but I think we could surprise a few people - having said that, out record in Saltash isn't great this season... We tend to do a bit better on grass though :c:

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Pastyman, let me correct you.

The money did not dry up at St Blazey, a strategic decision was taken by the officers of the club that they would not be supporting the football in the manner of the past decade.

With the problems facing the pub trade at this difficult time, I for one can only commend what must have been a difficult decision, especially after being so accustomed to winning.

To divert funds into stabilising the club and affording new decor etc is far more responsible than chasing a trophy that costs near 50 times more in wages than the winnings offer.

If other clubs followed suit, and of course some do; Cornish football may not be awash with so many mercenaries we so often discuss on this site!

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Sorry Gareth, my error.

Technically, the money has "dried up". The club, St Blazey have decided to divert funds from paying players to improving the facilities. The mercenaries, as well call them, didn't like it and jumped ship.

Whilst I can appreciate a Plymouth based player who signs for the likes of Falmouth deserves expenses, does it warrant £100 per game? We all know this happens, but it is not healthy.

The "credit crunch" may well create a more level "playing field", hopefully.

I often wonder if the players fully appreciate the work of the committee in raising funds.

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