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Sunday results 01/03/09

Guest Postie Pidge

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Guest pete norfolk

Tremough 1 v 0 TMS ......Ruined by a very bumpy pitch !!!

Doesn't surprise me with bumpy pitch as we had the same and wondered what animal had been on the pitch during the week lol.

Eventually moved to the other pitch and were offered the points by ref but played the game as we had spent 20 minutes getting there, changed up and hiked a mile to get to the pitch. Eventually lost but the state of the pitches up there need to be checked and sorted as the surface will one day cause a serious injury.

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Nic e to know your manager has faith in you Pidge :P

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Another two-goal lead thrown away

For the second consecutive match mpad united managed to throw away a two-goal lead as we drew 2-2 with Storm.

My hopes of a win were boosted when the visitors arrived with just 11 men, and one of those, their keeper, appeared to be carrying an injury.

After what had been an evenly matched first 30 minutes we took the lead when Neil Carter fired home following a corner. It took him four attempts to get the ball in the net though, as their keeper somehow saved his first three shots.

So we went in 1 – 0 up at half time and happy with our performance.

We soon doubled our lead when a long throw was flicked on for Matt Hawke to shoot home.

And it seemed like we would go on and win by a greater margin as Storm seemed to be playing like a team knowing their season was over.

However, a double injury blow to our centre midfield pairing, meaning two quick changes, was followed by Storm pulling a goal back.

Still I thought we’d be okay, despite the number of chances we were missing.

With 25 minutes to go I bought on our last sub, Pigeon, and moved Graham Griffiths out of goal to centre back. Graham, however, was unhappy about this and spent the next 10 minutes moaning about how he wanted to play up front.

Nice teamwork!

Fed up with getting nagged I sent him up field, but I wished I’d kept him goal as Pigeon was beaten to what seemed to be an innocuous cross, as Storm drew level.

We still had chances to win at the death as I managed to shot and head over.

And so we go into our last game of the season away at Mullion knowing that after they secured promotion on Sunday, that they need to beat us by four clear goals to win the league.

It will also mark the retirement of mpad united’s Andy Davis, who has been at the club throughout its different forms for over 10 years, so hopefully we can give him a day to remember and stop Mullion winning the league.

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Guest Postie Pidge

I don't know why but I'm not surprised. Cross came over and couldn't see a bloody thing with the sun shining right in my eyes and never saw the ball. Then again a right back who likes to think he's a striker always leaves the team open at the back. I don't moan about that.

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Guest Postie Pidge

No Neil and Chris keep swapping left back and left wing, hard to keep up. Manager Mark is right back but I think next season my future lies elsewhere

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