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Penryn v Penzance

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Porthleven now holding a two point advantage over Penzance with both having played 20.

Only one to get promoted to the Premier but will Port' be interested this year?

Isn't March 1st. the deadline to state your intentions for season 2009/10?

Very good posistion for port, however i cant see them taking up the promotion spot should they get it, money has always been tight/tough and now with the economic situation its even tighter.

And its already been said that they wont take it.

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I thought it was a good game to watch. Penzance will regret not putting the game to bed in the first half, they were clearly the better side and limited Penryn to 3 or 4 passess before winning the ball back. Penzances first goal was very well worked and nothing that could not have been expected from the slick one touch passing shown.

Raven in the Penryn goal will have nightmares about the second goal, a tame header escaped his grasp to be tapped into an empty net. At this point Hooper had lost the plot, the following argument with David Jenks on the side persisted for the rest of the game, sorry Hoops i think Jenks is having the last laugh now. :glare: Nichols must have been feeling sorry for Raven and returned the favour up the other end by dropping a ball straight into the path of McIroy to tap in.

Penzance continued to press to try and score a 3rd but were exposed, not for the first, nor the last with a fast break and a ball over the top, McIroy then carried the ball on and slotted the ball into the corner. Penryn came out the stronger in the early exchanges in the second half and were unlucky not to take the lead when McIroy had his shot rebound off the post.

The game was quite evenly matched for the remaining part of the game until Penzance went 3-5-2. Jenks very quickly highlighted during the comments between himself and Hooper that the defence was not good enough for only 3 at the back. Hobbs thought he had won the game for Penryn when he saw his header from a corner bounce out off the post.

With 90 seconds left on the clock Penzance were again caught on the break and a great cross field ball was expertly controlled by Sean Johnston who left Squires in his wake to trip over his own feet and slot the ball under the advancing keeper. Jenks took great delight in telling Hooper that they should of persisted with 4 at the back. The celebrations continued for Penryn after the final whistle in which they will feel they have restored some pride after the result last week against the same side.

Overall a good game to watch, and the banter on the side was quality.


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Carlsberg South West Peninsula League division one west friday february 27


1 Porthleven 20 16 1 3 70 27 43 49

2 Penzance 20 15 2 3 70 24 46 47

3 St Austell 18 12 5 1 49 20 29 41

4 Newquay 18 12 1 5 49 25 24 37

5 Dobwalls 20 11 2 7 45 26 19 35

6 Penryn 21 11 2 8 44 38 6 35

7 Callington 17 10 3 4 42 25 17 33

8 Foxhole 21 9 6 6 48 37 11 33

9 Hayle 23 9 5 9 50 44 6 32

10 Truro 24 9 5 10 44 55 -11 32

11 Godolphin 19 8 3 8 40 38 2 27

12 Mousehole 22 7 3 12 35 54 -19 24

13 Camelford 22 6 5 11 34 50 -16 23

14 Plymstock 25 5 5 15 36 58 -22 20

15 Wendron 22 5 3 14 23 69 -46 18

16 Millbrook 21 3 1 17 29 74 -45 10

17 VospersOV 21 2 2 17 30 74 -44 8

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At 2-2 i was thinking fair result.

But what an end to the game , fantastic control & cross field ball from Pat Shaugnessy and finished well , great celebrations followed!!

Shame that Port wont consider the promotion , should they win the league.

Almost 200 gate.

Penzance 2 up Justin Harrington 7m;Andy Westgarth 33m.

Penryn level at half time with two from Matt McIlroy and Sean Johnstone with a a last minute decider.

Perhaps we should support Penzance/St.Austell for the title if that is the case for Port'

Another question-would St.Austell declare their intentions for promotion seeing they do not have floodlights and or is there planning in place for the future?

Last season Wadebridge pipped Porthleven for the champions spot which saved face for the SWPL.

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There is more talk on Penzance game with Penryn then the Parkway game, NONE, on Tuesday evening.

I thought Penzance were superb that night and deserved more.

Porthleven will not go for promotion, they have never been keen on the new league and in my opinion should not receive any money for winning the league. I hope that Penzance and St Austell finish above them.

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Guest Woodpecker

With St.Austell having 2 games in hand on penzance,I think penzance will finish 3rd in the league!Porthleven have the better fixture list with 7 home games left,but penzance only have 4 home games left and a much more difficult away fixture list!But all 3 clubs need to play each other still!

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yeh big date is good friday down the old gala park lol porth play hosts 2 pz in a what can only b described as an epic! :drink::drink: .... stu reynolds will b hopin to show his old boss what hes missing out on and a few old porth boys will b hopin 2 get one over on there old club... lets just say chowne will b there 2 support the porth in there rise against the magpies...gotta b a must watch so plan you good friday now!! :drink::drink: :drink:

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