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Three Points For Rodney

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Rod,you have done me a few times with your flag in the past!!! <_< You might get away with it yet mate? i got flashed there a couple of years ago but there,s not always film in the camera!? although the one 3 months ago on the way back from watching argyle counted!! 41 mph at 11.03pm!!! gutted! took me to 6 points which is more than argyle had at the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the best,it would,nt be the same without you,re posts (when i can understand them!!!!! ) :thumbsup:

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I only ever put the flag up as a gesture of surrender cos I was exhausted trying to keep up with your pace, Rappo.

Sounds like they only switch the camera on after Argyle matches. Perhaps it's there to warn anybody heading further west they should've gone to watch The White Tigers instead.

You a Trispinho now ? Not that I would ever tap anybody up, but St Just have put the accent on youth and you did promise us a season down there when we discussed it in 2001. I think this is still the best chance of anybody overturning Neil Payne's scoring record and it would be unique if you achieved this in green and black yourself, m8 !

If you agree I promise to take up running the line again regularly and you know that'd make everybody on this forum ecstatic ! :D

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Could do, as long as it was one of those St Just weddings with the guns and the bonfire and the red sheets where both sides of the family come reeling out of the Legion Hall for a mass brawl to celebrate. They only tend to start after midnight, when all the pubs have kicked out. Alternatively, I thought I'd just tell the police my name was Vidal "Vital" James or Trevor "Woodpecker" Mewton, cos then all the usual laws can automatically be broken anyway. :rolleyes:

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