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How much will it cost etc ? Would the ID card have your team registered so I would persume you need to change when you change clubs again whuch could delay your transfer ?

More work at CCFA i am sure they will say they have got too much on at the moment

Good idea in hinesight but reality is I dont think it will happen

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Guest Cleguerec

Im really surprised that football ID cards are not in use. Here in France these are compulsory at all levels. Ive still got mine somewhere when I played over here in 1984. Now I just train the youth team but I still have to have one. I have a file containing a photocopy of all my players IDs which I take to all matches and tournaments so that no problems are encountered.

If they can sort this out in darkest central Brittany surely it will be a piece of cake for the CCFA! :c:

And to change clubs it costs a 30 euros admin fee.

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When I played football in Switzerland every player had to have ID cards, with a photo on it. This stopped unsigned or banned players from being used in games. It was the ref's responsibity to monitor who played and would enter the changing rooms before the game started, to check all players ID cards to see if they were eligable to play. I personally can't understand why it has not been introduced here, in this modern age. We are so behind the times here in England.

ps General you are spot on here about stopping the cheats m8.

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If all players registered - passport style - with the county

Picture,Name, DOB

This could then be matched against the team sheet provided to the referee and the opposition before the KO

He/They can then check the name on the sheet with the pics provided.

This would then be validated by each league when the teamsheet gets sent in.

Any amendments to the teamsheet have to be initialled by the referee - otherwise the team sheet would be invalid and the team could forfit the game.

so the passport is relative to the player and not necessarily attaches the player to a club.

be interesting to read any other ideas

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I Do believe that 99% of the players are known by other sides/referees

Most people dont change that much

Frequency could be a decision governed by cost - anyway for example - Darren Holsey

Dazza hasnt changed that much in 10 years - most players dont change that much even if they change their hairstyle - permed or shaved- and plastic surgery is a bit drastic for anyone just to try and get a game under another name

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Think we should spare a thought for those not willing to attempt to win trophies, like the Junior Cup, fairly. How are they supposed to get around suspensions if we bring in something so simple and easy to do!? The CCFA will never go for it. Not for at least 25 years, as Eank said, London FA did it years ago so we have a long long time to wait yet!

The above is sarcasm by the way! Think its a great idea!!

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