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Friday's Result - Feb 20th

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carlsberg SW Peninsula League Premier Division Fri Feb 20

20/02/2009 Parkway 1 - 1 Launceston

1 Bodmin 20 17 1 2 53 12 41 52

2 Buckland 24 15 4 5 60 32 28 49

3 Parkway 24 14 5 5 65 28 37 47

4 Ivybridge 24 14 4 6 57 43 14 46

5 Tavistock 22 14 3 5 45 30 15 44

6 Dartmouth 22 12 3 7 49 38 11 39

7 Saltash 19 11 3 5 48 24 24 36

8 Launceston 22 11 3 8 53 46 7 36

9 Torpoint 22 11 3 8 48 46 2 36

10 Wadebridge 20 7 5 8 30 33 -3 26

11 Clyst 19 8 2 9 35 41 -6 26

12 St Blazey 23 7 5 11 36 50 -14 26

13 Witheridge 23 6 6 11 39 37 2 24

14 Cullompton 17 8 0 9 36 36 0 24

15 Falmouth 20 6 1 13 27 48 -21 19

16 Newton Spurs 26 5 3 18 26 54 -28 18

17 Holsworthy 23 4 3 16 27 77 -50 15

18 Liskeard 18 3 1 14 16 44 -28 10

19 Elburton 18 1 3 14 21 52 -31 6


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Guest Uncle Albert

Must have been a big improvement on the Clarets' display at Bodieve the other week when you could have been six down before you decided to show an interest in the game.

Garner must be working his magic already.

Very good result for Launceston. Not so good for Parkway's title aspirations. With the squad they've got, they should be walking this league. Under-achieving this season.

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i watched the game to spider it wasnt the best, launceston deserved 3 points for there effort, Garns looked head and shoulders above the rest if only his legs still worked as quick as his brain. In my opinion Parkway are very overated, first half the management didnt stop talking to there players but second half i cant remember hearing them once, seem to me like they ran out of ideas, a good side wouldve " shut up shop" with 10 mins left!

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Another good gate = 245, Friday night 'footy' at Bolitho Park is a winner.

What's the population of Plymouth Mike? :(

Dave-Just done a bit of research.

Plymouth 15th. biggest English City population 250,000

Bristol 6th. with a population of 410,000

I still think it is a good gate for Non league football -Parkway averaging 180+; (other Plymouth clubs) Elburton Villa 56;Vospers Oak Villa 39;Plymstock 52.

Also Bristol Manor farm (Western Prem.) average 54.

I have just realised I am discussing a Devon team on the Cornish Forum but Plymouth Parkway are the best supported club in the SWPL and are the only club who have never had a gate less than three figures.

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indeed guiness you are right anyone who pays their money is entitled to their opinion but in all honesty wot are people expecting? its not the premier league or champions league and its not played on a carpet. In all fairness the pitch didnt warrant any decent football to be played on. However, at least they both tried to play which is a credit to both teams. i beleive that parkway and launceston are footballing sides so on a decent pitch i think a good game would be witnessed. I find it interesting that gary is quite often leaving his opinion of negativity on this site and that is fair enough seeing as his team is running away with the league.!!!!!!!

As for spider (i take it u are a launceston player) think it was a balanced game where either side could have knicked it. parkway were better in the 1st part of th second half missing several chances and launceston finished the stronger missing a good chance at the end, so all in all a fair result. Caio for now

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Guest Peppermint

Spider is the Launceston keeper - Paul Hider.

Is the playing surface at Bolitho Park not very good this season then judging from the comments. I have not been to the ground for two seasons so it would be interesting to hear other people's views regarding the pitch quality.

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In relation to Parkway having the biggest fanbase this season in the swpl, it makes me wonder why their facilities are so relatively poor???

The pitch is of poor standard, the clubhouse is essentially a shed and the changing rooms are cramped to say the least.

Can anyone with any knowledge regarding this enlighten me as to what plans they have afoot, if any, as there is no doubt, irrespective of recent results that Parkway have a good team and surely better facilities can only enhance and improve the club as a whole???

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:clapper: Thanks for the comment on the pitch Spider - while we all recognise there are some deficiences, we must not forget that all this work at grounds is done by volunteers, who try their best to get the pitch in the best possible condition that they can. The vast majority of clubs have this problem and its not easy to get it perfect. Ask any of the grounds people, the worst thing that happens to it is that people play football on it - most grounds people would cancel 50% of games that are played now. Its also the warm up these days, where there is no spare ground. Long gone are the tap a ball around for ten minutes, now we have full blooded training for some 40 minutes, sprints, turns etc, these do more damage than the game sometimes.

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I think gentlemen you have to realise what Plymouth Parkway FC have achieved in the last 5 - 6 years. A ground in a fantastic setting, concrete path around the pitch, 2 stands 50 seated and standing room for 150 and of course floodlighting.

The last piece of the jigsaw is the clubhouse where work should start commencing in the next couple of months. So as well as the FA Vase, Parkway will be able to host F A Cup games.

The condition of the pitch is very good, cosidering during the month of January the pitch was hardly touched due to the heavy frost and constant rain. And the pitch is looked after by a dedicated group of volunteers.

Considering this subject was about the game on the 20th, it seems, 5 days later, people are having a pop at Parkway and its facilities.

Its strange how people can turn a subject around and end up being so negative.

Finally, congratulations on Parkway's victory over Penzance in an enthralling game. It was certainly better watching that game then ITV Sport. Still thats another story.

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