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Sir Alex Ferguson/Manchester United

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Is it me or can anyone else say they think Manchester United could well lift all 4 major trophies this season

I am not the greatest Manchester United fan and never will be but love them or hate them you have to admire the fact that they have gone 14 premiership games without conceding a goal and that’s some achievement in my book especially at that level of football

Love him or hate him you have to say that Sir Alex Ferguson has to be the most successful manager of the modern game and since his early days in Management East Stirlingshire (Aged just 32) to his current employers Manchester United he has had one hell of a career

See This Link Sir Alex

One-question remains unanswered to me though and that is he cannot have possibly done what he has without very good Assistant Managers/Scouts and backing from the clubs he has been at so fair play to those that have backed the fella as they all got there rewards (Who is the best assistant to Sir Alex)

I grew up watching the great Liverpool teams dominate the headlines for so long but that all changed once Sir Alex Ferguson took over and since then it has been all Manchester United

Arsenal and Chelsea have had there moments as did Blackburn in 1994/1995 but lets be honest no one has been able to touch the RED DEVILS for some time now

So what happens when (or if) Sir Alex retires from his post, Will Manchester United just be another club with a great history or is there anyone at all that could keep the legacy going (I have my doubts) but what do you think

I hate to say this as a West Ham fan but Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United I take my hat off to you and as for Manchester City well I would not even bother trying to do what your neighbours have done because you have no chance at all

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