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Who has to play what

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Here are the teams in the combo and the maximon number of games they still have left to play including cup games. Are there enough weeks left in the season?

With the cups I worked out that you could have a possible replay in the Senior Cup Q-F but now the Combo League Cup is at the S-F stage there are no replays, and the Sup Cup is a winner takes all cup with no replays

L=League, C = League or Sup Cups, SC=Senior Cups

Perranwell 25 (L=18, C=3, SC=4)

Perranporth 23 (L=17, C=2, SC=4)

Culdrose 22 (L=19, C=3)

Falmouth 20 (L=17, C=3)

Illogan 20 (L=17, C=3)

Portreath 20 (L=17, C=3)

Porthleven 20 (L=17, C=3)

St Agnes 20 (L=17, C=3)

St Day 20 (L=17,C=3)

Ludgvan 18 (L=18)

St Ives 18 (L=18)

Holmans 17 (L=14, C=3)

Penryn 17 (L=17)

St Just 17 (L=15, C=2)

Helston 16 (L=13, C=3)

Wendron 16 (L=16)

Hayle 14 (L=14)

Mullion 13 (L=13)

Penzance 13 (L=11, C=2)

Newquay 9 (L=9)

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Good shout, Isaac. I don't think anybody enjoyed the fact that we had played 13 games by the end September! It seems strange that we have had to play such a substantial amount of games early on, we always hit form around Christmas and by then most teams have ten games in hand on us!

9 games left, they could be over and done with in four weeks. We'll then sign for our nearest rivals in the hope to keep our European spot! Somehow I get the feeling we'll be playing on a Tuesday night in mid-April!

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

Any of the following midweek dates are fine by the home fans...

Any Tuesday in March

Weds 1st April would be very appropriate

Tues 7th, Weds 15th & Tues 21st April.

If anyone from the 2 clubs have any say in the date of the match, please bear the above in mind.

Our little surprise for you Isaac is coming along nicely. If you are around on Sat 28th Mike, will be happy to show you what is what.

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

Tues 14th April, 1st Team v St Austell at MW according to fixture list on website.

I'm not sure that too many appreciate to whom we refer, I shall be on a recruitment duties once Jack arrives home.

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Thnk you, guys. This sounds most entertaining. Should I bring a goat, wear a dinner jacket or anything like that to make the whole thing go with a swing ? :D

So judging from Mike's comments, the frontloaded Tuesday nights are just a whim of John Roberts which irritates Newquay, as it fails to take account of your Christmas form rise. Peppermint has unfortunately not responded yet..... :unsure:

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Guest Peppermint

Hi Isaac - I have a life outside the Forum and spent last night spending some money over the bar at the Club.

Newquay certainly did not want to be so far ahead with fixtures and did not request them and Mike makes a good point about Newquay running in to form when they had already played a number of games and Newquay always seem to run into form after the Christmas period instead of before.

In that case we would have had an even better season if the games had been spread out better. It is a shame for the players that they will have some Saturdays without football - never mind they can support the First Team and hopefully watch Sheeeebo banging in the goals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Isaac comes dressed in a dinner suit I think he will be on for a few drinks and if the goat comes as well then it will really be party night.

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