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Vertcally challanged keepers

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lol!! wait until i see scoffy on saturday General!! ( i am assuming thats Mike?!) i know he will read this and have a laugh too! well to be fair mate he is about the same height as me and i didnt have much problem stoppin too many shots from your boys General back when i played against u a few times years ago in the good old days! lol! anyway i may have him hung off the crossbar in the warm up saturday to see if we can gain some extra inches for him lol! hope u are keepin well mate!

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lol i am goin to have to text him to get him to come on and read this, i can give him so much stick on saturday! i will say his mental age didnt even get up to 16 mate lol! his wife may verify that! i am gonna get grief after this lol, what about Kevin Toy, good old friend there too, was a fair few inches shorter than scoffs and me?! are u still playing at all Mike?

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Jamo - The general is as all Generals are - too portly to roam the green baize of the footy pitches anymore - although he tells me most days that he could still cut it - so long as it is a small pitch lol.

I can remember several keepers shorter than Scoffy and Jamo and even shorter than Toyer

none of the three above appear to get exposed for their lack of inches - in fact they deal with high balls better then many of their taller counterparts. But all are superb shot stoppers - Scoffy has a great penalty save record - dont have the stats - but my perception is that he has saved just as many as the ones that have gone in - the only drawback he has is that probably he is the one that has given the penalty away - The numpty

But it is funny to see Scoffy in team pics - he always tries to position himself between the tallest players in the side.

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