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Ouch you must be hurting this season to bite like that :lol::lol:

With regards to the topic

Robinho hard one really, he has all the talent in the world but he also has an ego. If you were at Real and realised they tried swapping you when they previously said you were best talent around you would not be happy ! Then a club like Man City who have history but also offer him a silly amount of money you are not going to turn it down. They were the only club available to him at the time. a team on the up, loads of money, a cracking stadium not bad move on paper.

The issue you now have is he is at Man City but when he goes off to say Brazil or speaks to his friends i.e Kaka etc he will proberly think ummm I wish i had that talent around me.

He may come across money driven but I would certaintly say that 90% of footballers now are. So whats different between him and say Drogba, Lampard, Beckham etc

They all have money at the back of their mind part and part of football now

If you ask footballers this question

You are 23 yrs old you have Man City offering you say £175,000 week play every week and be our star or stay with say West Ham on £35,000 week. You know the answer boys

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