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just had a scan through todays west briton and noticed the 2 remaining unbeaten teams in all the leagues featured are both from the FHL.mawnan from div 1 and mullion from div 3 still unbeaten in their respective leagues going into feb.no matter what level of football you play at,that is still a mean feat! well done to some of me 'old' :lol: pals at mawnan,no substitute for experience!!! also mullion who have got some great youngsters.im sure quite a few of you will no doubt go on to have good careers in senior football.(hope you might not be unbeaten after saturday though!!!) :D just thought a well done to both teams was deserved!!!!! :thumbsup:

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Guest mauricio

Cheers for that RAPPO! we are unbeaten on the league but we lost a cup game a few weeks ago against Troon.

Let's hope our luck doesn't change after Saturday in Trispen.

Ps- I couldn't read the paper at 4:45am...far too early for me! see ya on saturday


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