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Holywell Bay v Godolphin Atlantic (Duchy One)


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Saturday's local Derby brought together a clash between two close friends’/rivals.

Which one would come out the best?

Shaun (The Legend) Busby had been solid in the first half keeping Luke Hart and Simon Holmes fairly quiet, but when the Godolphin unleashed their secret weapon at the start of the second half, Busby was made to look his 40/50 something years!

The youngster shone like the great North Star, his pace, his majestic touch and more importantly the way he clinically finished his chance in front of goal, leaping like a salmon leaving Buzz routed firmly to the spot to drill home a bullet header and put the game beyond all doubt! His goal celebration and cheeky schoolboy smile left Busby incensed and in tatters and once again had him contemplating: IS THIS HIS LAST SEASON GRACING THE BEAUTIFUL GAME? Hirst had another good chance later in the game, once again his brilliant control and exquisite turn left the now beleaguered Busby wishing he was on the bowling green in his whites, unfortunately Hirst pulled his shot just wide of the far post, much to the delight of his close rival.

Overall the Youngster completely outshone the used to be 'Legend' and must now be looking forward to his next game with some relish, Busby on the other hand, really needs to think about a set of bowls and neatly pressed whites.

Well done Jamie Hirst!

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