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Good weekend for Tottingham

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Gosh, no Spuds on the forum, nothing to abuse ! Didn't they have a game ?

Oh, sorry, of course. The great Cup team got knocked out. 2009 does not have the figure 1 in it. Oh well, at least they managed a weekend without conceding anything.

Nice to se LeSulka back on form, however. Chelsea.....the only team definitely in the 6th round draw as I write, unless Derby repeat their League Cup first leg performance. Magnificent.

I echo the rest of the country....... :c: Come on you Rams !

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I wondered where he was,after all he has'nt took the p--- out of Spurs for a couple of days,

even when we dont play,he still goes on.

We yids arent on here much,because we are busy travelling and watching our team,unlike some

gloryhunting armchair blue nose supporters.

issac,you can stay in your chair,in a couple of weeks time,and watch SPURS at WEMBLEY.


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Oh dear, SS. let's see......recent F.A. Cup finals....

Chelsea 2 Middlesborough 0 (Do Matteo, Newton)

Chelsea 1 Aston Villa 0 (Di Matteo)

Chelsea 1 (Drogba) Red Scum 0.

Stop slagging my armchair. When I leved in London, I watched Chelsea. But I am a genuine Tewster.

I watch St Just AFC, whose 1969-1970 results I can recite by heart, with obsessive passion, every week. I have missed two competitive matches, one home and one away, in the last fourteen seasons. If it guaranteed them a single extra point, I freely admit that I would sacrific every Chelsea result for the next fourteen years

Have also won midweek pub salver, I think, but can't be bothered to list it. You are a joke. Despite hating them more than John Roberts or Adolf Hitler, I have to admit that The Red Scum will cream you, even if they play Nani, Welbeck, Gibson, Evans, Tosseric, Darren Ferguson wearing a ball and chain and five tealadies. Get back up your pole and listen to Defoe playing electronic Subbuteo on his mobile ! :lol:

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

You take your cheap lager cup and give it a damn good polish, cos Sir Moanalot will want to see his ugly mug in it when they win the stupid thing. You can then cry all the way back to Three Point Lane and still be the the second best side, second best supported and most definately second rate bunch of bacon bagel munchers in North London.

Now set your sat-navs for sunny scunny in the fizzy pop league, thats what they call Div 2 nowadays, isn't it ?

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No,SS, you don't remember rightly.

I said nothing before last year's pub trophy final because I don't follow it, even when Chelsea are in it. It's an ITV-commentary kind of trophy, a bit like the Jolly's Cornwall Combination League Supplementary Cup, designed to keep the season alive for all the teams that get knocked out in the first round of the real cup. I always refused to pay anybody for playing in that either.

Has my gob ever got me in trouble ? No. How about your quick wit ?

What's the BT equivalent of prawn bagels, Shippam's Cod Paste on Jacob's Crackers ?

Crackers...that's the word ! :lol:

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If ever there was a thread to sum up the way this area of the forums has gone over the last couple of months, then this is it.

Instead of attempting to celebrate their teams own achievement and open an educated debate, the opening lines of the topic are a blatant attempt to goad other members into a response that opens the door to the ridiculous, repetitive and childish name-calling posts that have followed.

It feels like every new topic that's posted in this area turns into a schoolground slanging match, with the same silly arguments surfacing all the time, and quite frankly it's becoming boring and no real fun to post opinions anymore.... so quite simply, I won't be.

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Guest Peppermint

It does seem a little ironic that Somersetspur has made the comments about the Forum - having looked at some of his postings on this section and in particular the Truro section he nearly always seems so aggressive and his postings are usually along the lines that he is complaining about! Kettle and Pot springs to mind!!!!!!

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I don't know why you are allowing yourselves to get upset by this boys. Even the attempted insult 'Spuds' is something that has arisen from internet forums and know real supports use it because quite simply as insults go its rubbish! If you actually attend matches in the premiership you'd never hear it. Just ignore him and he'll go away, like a fart in a crowded room.


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I never intend to upset anybody !

"Blue scum", you called me. "Garbage." "A fart in a criwded room !"

What's wrong with my mouth, what do you mean ? Nobody complai9ned before, not even the goats.

I'm upset ! Boo hoo ! I'm going to set my Mother on you now ! :D


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