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how many go down from fhfl div 1


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From past experience there has always been 3 down. There should be 3 down from Div 1 and if Mawnan finish in the top 3 of Div 2. They will almost certainly promote the fouth place side to make the 3 up.

It may seem harsh if you are coming down and great if your going up but it stops sides with extra teams clogging up demotion and premotion for others.

Last season 3 sides went down from div 2 even after Fal Albion pulled out and four sides went up from div 3.

With Mawgan's place now up for graps it should be the same again this year.

I seem to re-call the league putting all this forward at the AGM a couple of years ago for the clubs to decide what was best.


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I think you will be dissapionted come the end of the season then if you finish in the bottom three.

The league rules state its three up three down.

One side may go up from div 1 into senior football and one come down, but thats a whole different ball game.

Be ready for 3 teams to go down from Div 1 come the end of the season.

All will be decided at the AGM but as a rule of thumb they will try to keep all the Divisions with the same number of sides and use 3 down and 3 up plus any extra sides to do that.


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I know that there is limited promotion and demotion this year in the higher leagues but that should have no bearing on the FHFL.

You still have to make room in Div 1 for 3 sides to come up from Div2 plus possibly a combo side coming down. That would mean increasing the division by 3. Plus it then it impacts on all the other divisions affecting various sides being promoted and demoted.

The Rules can only be changed at an AGM or EGM and that kind of change would certainly need to be voted on. You cant go changing the fundemental rules for promotion and demotion for a competition half way through a season.

If your right and it is official then I for one would like to see it in print before I went counting any chickens.


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