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Cornish football on the radio

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Many thanks to all of you who have placed a vote on the poll which appears on the link:-CORNISH SOCCER

The question asked was : If there was a possibility of getting a programme on the radio, which meant that most of the Cornish population could only listen to it via the internet - when would you prefer it to be broadcast?

And by far the favourite timing, much to my surprise if I’m honest, came out as “Between 5 - 7pm on the Saturday evening” .

The current result showing is:-

1. Between 5 - 7pm on the Saturday evening 165 votes 74%

2. 10am - Noon on the Sunday 25 votes 11%

3. Or in the evening on the Sunday 34 votes 15%


Some of you may have seen a posting on the Main Discussion Board, but with only just three weeks to go, I thought I had better repeat it on all the pages to start to generate the required interest the idea needs.

It’s from Forum member Soil Sports Ltd, and was originally posted on the 7th February:-

“After listening to the many opinions regarding the quality of sports broadcasting on Radio Cornwall and Atlantic etc, I have been doing some work to try and address the situation.

Tonight, after weeks of discussion with broadcasters etc; I am pleased to announce that Dave Deacon has accepted an invitation to present two pilot shows that will be aired on the 7th & 14th March.

I am delighted that Dave has accepted the invitation as clearly his expertise and enthusiasm will be key to the success of the programme.


The pilots will give you an idea of what could become a weekly show for the duration of next season and beyond.

Radio St Austell Bay on 105.6FM will be the home of the new shows and ironically given the complaints about too much Rugby content on the BBC; is broadcast from Tregorrick Park, home of St Austell Rugby Club.

They are a community radio station that is operated by a vast cross section of people who are, in the majority, volunteers.

The management have been 100% committed and supportive of the football show thus far and I have no doubt that despite their limitations, this is the way forward for the football community to listen to a show they deserve.

The station can only broadcast to a 5km radius. Obviously the teams within this boundary can take full advantage of being able to tune in at home in the normal way.

It's not all doom and gloom for those who are based further afield though.

Simply visit their website Radio St Austell Bay and you can listen to the show live on your PC from anywhere in the world.

This will prove an interesting and useful media for those of you who have internet capabilities on your mobile phones.

Though not available for the pilot shows, if a full schedule goes ahead next year, each weekly show will be podcast and offered as a listen again feature. (Whether on their site or on CFF has not yet been discussed in full, so watch this space.)

I will highlight the role of the listeners in another post.




If you have any positive ideas or suggestions, please post them here for all to read and debate.”


A further posting in response to comments made reads:-


We have been granted permission to run the 2 pilot shows free of charge.

Long term, the future of the shows will rely upon donations from the football community.

I am not in this to make a penny and nor is Mr Deacon.

Anyone who may assist Dave with the production of the shows next year will be doing it for the "love of the game" also.

Approx £2.5k is needed to cover insurances, band width upgrades, podcasting etc, buy I will not carry the torch for a full seasons broadcasting unless I am sure this can be raised between all of us.


A donation of £5 per listener is encouraged, not capped if you wish to donate more of course.

The amount of people that support Cornish Football week in week out should more than cover the costs.

I would also like to "reach out" to all of the players who play football in Cornwall as the profits will go a long way to helping two very worthwhile causes.

All monies generated after the set up costs have been met, will be split 50/50 between St Johns Ambulance and the Cornwall Air Ambulance.

ALL of us can remember a game where one or both have been needed and they provide a service we should be keen to support, just ask Steve Ovens as a recent example!

Additionally, I will be circulating a letter to all Cornish Football Clubs seeking a small donation.

Not everyone will be keen in the current climate and there will be no hard sell.

The slot will go ahead if enough money is raised and I would like to show the broadcasters who doubted the need for such a programme; that we have pulled it off despite their arrogance, in claiming to know what the Cornwall population requires.

Additionally as football fans, we can raise some funds for worthy causes along the way.

Naturally there will be questions, so please post them publicly or send me a PM. Now is your chance to start having your say as to what might be a good idea to feature in the programme. So why not contact me, Dave Deacon, by either PM or davedeacs@hotmail.com

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1, i wanted to add a reply to get this further up the discussion board.

2, I am dazzled by the lack of responses. Where are all the people that were full of opinions a few weeks back?

Please remember the 7th & 14th March, after which details will be announced for those wishing to support the show next season.

I need the help of the football community to get this off the ground, lets all work together and raise some good money for charity in the process!

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Just seven days to go before next Saturday’s new way of finding out about all the day’s local football news.

While there will be the usual :

RESULTS – from all around the county;


CHATS to the people in the know, including managers, players and anyone at all that wants the county (and the world via the internet) to hear about their game

WHAT WILL BE DIFFERENT is that we are making 2 hours available to do it!

In that time we will also be hoping to feature all the leagues in the county from Southern League down to the Duchy, Falmouth-Helston and Mining


I need your help to do this. As a trial run, text me your result for this afternoon’s game to 07759 502408

In the meantime, let me know what you think should also be covered in the programme ..... e-mail me on dave.deacon@cornishsoccer.info

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