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i'm aware of a keeper (20, plymouth based) looking for a club for the new season. he was involved within SW prem football last season and the first half of this season on a regular basis as club Number 1, however due to indifferences he was forced to leave.

if anyone has any ideas please pass them on for him to take note of.

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Ah James Gill. I've seen this guy play and he's a good keeper. Not sure why Dean Chidley would be ahead of him at Holsworthy as he is definately not a keeper but Chidley has been Holsworthy through and through for years. I know he's gone between the sticks on a few occassions to help out. Maybe a case of "if your face don't fit" or "favourites" but i don't know. Seems strange that an outfield player would keep a decent No. 1 out of the side........ but back to the point, James Gill..... good young keeper!!

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