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Apologies for anyone who has logged onto the Combo website expecting it to be updated as normal.

My web hoster is having problems and no-one with a hosted website can log on at the present to alter their sites. I'm not technical but it is something called Box9MySql or something spelt like that cocking everthing up and it won't let us on.

When it is sorted I will of couse update the site.

Just to let you know after Saturday's League games the top of the table reads








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I have 2 copies of the website. One on my laptop and one on an external hard drive.

The problem was not with me but the server.

I've got another laptop with the site on it from about a year ago but I don't use it as I dropped it, a key fell off and broke, I glued it and cocked it up as the key stays permantly down! Stupid i know but hey we all act daft sometimes.

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