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St Just v St Ives

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Ha, I'm sure you're just trying to get your own back on Isaac, CTB, for stirring up the PZ pot but you appear to be making the assumption that every St Just player got booked and nobody from St Ives! But in answer to your question, it was option i).

St Just - 4 Yellows.

St Ives - 6 Yellows (2 for the left back resulting in the red).

I think there was only one booking for each side which came after a challenge in midfield and an exchange of words and handbag preferences between the two players. The rest were for run of the mill clumsy challenges etc. A few of the yellows were probably not needed but this was a local derby between two battling sides, what did you expect, CTB?

However, now with a potential semi final against us you may just be trying to turn up the heat. You are forgiven, but it won't bother us, we've been here before.

A semi final against PZ would make a great game though. Tell me, CTB, would we be playing the team we beat at PZ nearer the start of the season, the one with Glyn Hooper, Mark Vercesi, Tom Patrick, Lee Bradd etc?

Jon xoxox ^_^

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Impeccable, Birdy, just like your every performance this season. I don't think our stalwart little village club has anything to justify to the white mercenaries. Tut, tut, CTB, double standards. By all means put out your first team against Perranporth: they'll thrash them too. I see Roberts already fixed the cup quarter finals so our scheduled league meeting got postponed. Quelle surprise ! No doubt when we do play, your first team will bring forward their game to Friday night. This sort of thing has only been going on for the past 40 years: it is a compliment to St Just that Roberts and the Thiefbirds go to such lengths to be at their strongest against us.

On Saturday, as St Just v St Ives games go, the spirit was excellent. Lee Norman, Andy Trathen, Chris Russell, Darren Steadman , John Simpson et al were a credit to their club in a competitive, enjoyable match and we wish them all the best for the rest of the season. No disrespect to the ref, who got most major decisions right, but the cards were a bit like Portugal-Holland in the last World Cup.

I've already apologised to Craig on here ....had I known he was the person red-carded last week, nothing would have been said ! :D

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Just a couple of points Rodney;

firstly, St Just v Penzance was scheduled for 21st February in the original fixture list and - as far as I'm aware - is still going ahead on that date! Due to Truro Reserves' progress in the Senior Cup, their SWPL fixture with Penzance will now not take place on Friday 20th so any 1st team players who need a game would be available to play in the Combo game at St Just. Can't see how John Roberts can take the credit for that?

secondly, Craig wasn't the keeper sent off - the "action" took place in the opponents' goalmouth!

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Bahhhh !

"First teamers needing a game"? "Friday night football"? Who are you, Torquay United ? I thought the SWPL was primarily a Saturday league. But when you're part of the clique, the clique give you their backing. True, Roberts doesn't deserve all the credit. No wonder so many CCFA presentation events swelled the coffers of The Yacht, back in the day.

Good old white and black Nazis, revving up their tanks to quell the rebellious province. Same old, same old.

Send whomever you like. Presumably you pay your player insurance and write your wills like all decent people. We'll keep a welcome in the hillside.

More faces than the church clock........

Have a nice day down the Saltings. :drink:

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