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Villa or Arsenal for 4th spot?

Guest The Bickland Bloke

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Guest The Bickland Bloke

I can see Aston villa getting that last champions league spot myself. I mean arsenal would be lucky to get a uefa cup spot the way they're going :lol: joking. but Villa want it way more than arsenal do and it would be nice to see Villa in the top flight of europe. And if Arsene Wenger still thinks arsenal have got a chance of winning the title, he should look at the table :D He might decide to change his mind...or not

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We are still in the title race - whether you think so or not.

4th place?

If it came down to that then it is between us, Chelsea and - dare I say it - Liverpool.

I can see Vanilla finishing above Liverpool and Chelsea.

are you honestly thinking with your head or your heart midfield?? realisticly you have no real chance of challenging for the league and arsene must be getting in a sweat over CL qualification in my humble opinion villa are going to nick 4th this season and you will have to make do with the uefa cup!! sorry!!

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Liverpool throwing away points?!? Didn't they just snatch all three from Pompey when they might have rolled over and died?

The cup matches against bitter rivals are not a good barometer, but the last couple of league matches have been okay, I'd suggest, for Liverpool.

We won't catch ManUre, though, even if we beat them at their place (longshot).







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Guest The Bickland Bloke

I cannot wait to see those scouse faces when they miss out on the Prem title. There is more chance of the Black Death making a return than the scousers winning it.


Says the supporter whos team are going to come 5th (if they're lucky) :P

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With me it is not tunnel vision, unlike some supporters. If we miss out on the league, one person to blame the manager. We do not deserve to win the league with amount of points we have dropped. Chelsea and Arsenal have done the same, but the league table does not lie. For the moment we are top of the league, Arsenal 5th. Big game for you guys today, a must win situation.

Villa will break of mould of the top four and Arsenal are favourites to miss out unless they start stringing some results together, starting today.

Cannot wait to see the look on your faces when you do miss out. Personally I do not care who wins today as long as we are above Arsenal at the end of the season.

Have a nice day

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Guest Peppermint

After a light hearted debate someone has to reduce a posting to the level of the gutter - I am obviously a Man.Utd supporter but would not stoop to the level of describing Liverpool as anything else than that. Why use disgusting language that belongs in the sewer.

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Well it was a poor performance by us. That I will admit before anyone tells me. The result didn't do either side any favours at all. Adebayor was woeful before he went off injured and as for Eboue I don't think he will play for us again. He deserved to be sent off and he put us under so much extra pressure for most of the match. Stupid sod. Frankly he is not up to the standards we demand and I think Wenger has given him enough chances to impress. Passing and keeping the ball were poor and we looked like a team that lacked self-belief. I didn't really enjoy watching that one at all and it was certainly one of the poorest performances that I have seen in many years. After this the only way forward is to improve our passing and ability to keep the ball and get back to the level of performance that is crucial to win trophies. The only consolation is that we are still in touch with the European places.

PS - Eboue's goal should have stood. Foul - what foul?

God help us.

Rant over. ;)

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It wasn't a great game, Midfield, you are right. I just caught Wenger's post-match interview and he said that the first yellow card was wrong, I can understand the frustration but he was warned about his dissent by the referee.

For the second, Arsene said that he didn't see it. He must have been miles away from the action!


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Midfield,your assesment of the game,was pretty fair.

Having attended the game,before we went in,I said,a point would be O.K.

Once Eboue went,it was 3pts that was required,despite what people on here say,after watching it on T.V.

the first half was excellent,with Spurs and particular Palacious playing well.

2nd half Spurs seem to run out of ideas,and Arsenal came into it a bit more,and could have nicked it ,at the


Dont be to despondent,in defence Arsenal are O.K. the problem is midfield and up front,with rumours of

players leaving,if there is no Champions League football,is a worry.

Also I think the Arshavin signing was a panic buy.

What did you think of Palacious's display yesterday.? Because that is the sort of player you need in midfield,

you got all the ball players,no ball winner.

Palacious was voted MOTM,and was outstanding.

On the weekend's games Villa will get that top 4 spot.

Chelsea can be caught .

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Palacios played well - reminded me of Viera.

I think we will get that 4th spot but it's Chelsea we need to catch and not Villa. I can see Villa finishing 2nd behind Man. U

If we miss out on 4th then some will clear off - van Persie and Fabregas.

I don't think Arshavin was a panic buy. He will prove very useful.

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Sorry to resurrect this old thread (I'm not really) but would anyone like to revise their estimations of the finishing places at the top of the Premier league this year??

Personally, I think the way it is going is fascinating. Liverpool and Man U are keeping their noses in front of the rest, but Chelski are still not too far off the pace. Villa are now desperately looking over their shoulders at Everton who are flying, and Arsenal seem to have regained their form just in time to secure a top 4 finish.

But what a season, and it is still not over yet..............

Man U should still do it, and of their remaining fixtures, only the visits of Arsenal and the derby with Man City look threatening.

Liverpool also entertain Arsenal, with all the others looking "winnable". However, I still maintain that Liverpool can beat anybody on their day, but also lose to anybody on another day. So trips to West Ham, West Brom and Hull could be their banana Skins.

Chelsea have to go to Arsenal and their local rivals West Ham. They host Everton, so points could be dropped by the Blues.

Arsenal have a tough run in, with visits to Man U and Liverpool, and hosting Chelsea. Thank god we've already got enough points to avoid the drop!!

Villa have a fairly good run in, however, their next match is home to Everton, and if they slip up and the gap to Arsenal increases beyond the 6 it is now, I think it will be too far to bridge. Also, they are playing several teams in the "relegation battle" who will be fighting for every point, so not so "easy" perhaps.

Everton's next 3 league games are away to Villa, away to Chelsea and home to Man City.

My prediction: -

1. Man U

2. Liverpool

3. Chelsea

4. Arsenal

5. Everton

6. Villa

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Liverpool also entertain Arsenal, with all the others looking "winnable". However, I still maintain that Liverpool can beat anybody on their day, but also lose to anybody on another day. So trips to West Ham, West Brom and Hull could be their banana Skins.

I'm telling you mate, it's written in the stars that Liverpool will need to win their final game of the season at home against Tottenham, only for a certain diabolically treated striker to pop up and score the very goal that will prevent the Premier League trophy finally ending up at Anfield.. Oh happy days :c: :yahoo:

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