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One for Isaac!

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Falmouth Town 5-4 on penalties after a 1-1 draw a.e.t.

Final held at Porthleven.


Above page lists all league cup finals.

Click on each year to find out how your team got on.


Same thing but this is sup cup.


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I'll have you know that there are a lot of farm animals all over the county who would disagree. My dear old mother also loves me very much. And I've got a lot of other relatives, like we all have in St Just.

My children were immaculate conceptions, of course. Like father, like daughters.

I know the picture you mean, Dave. It's on my mantelpiece. The sexy one with all that grey hair turned the game.

The year after, same opposition, same ground, St Just beat them 4-1 ! As a club hofficer, I ate seven mini-pasties at half time. John Roberts had to shake my hand in public. Nice...... :D

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