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unlike you to have a go at st. day richard. qaulity post mate :D

Me and St Day have a love/hate relationship. My father Billy was born in Carharrack, one of Carhararck AFC's top goal scorers during his Combo days and my mother born in St Day. The majority of my family live in St Day.

I actually played for St Day before I joined the Army and enjoyed it as all my mates where there. Scored a goal against Carhararck. I dribbled the ball past Mark Etherington, not exactly hard, , then nutmeged long term Carhararck servant Craig Moyle before shooting past the goalkeeper my best mate Danny Burrows (now Porthlevern SWPL). Second half I then did my show laces up in the box and got a penalty for it, I didnt complain but it was missed by then captain Aarron Wilce (now Portreath Combo). We won 2-1. I was treated worse than Judus up Carhararck Social club for a couple of weeks.

But now I'm willing to march into Hell for a heavenly cause aslong as that cause is Carhararck AFC

Just cant stand hearing "Once a Saint Always Saint" being shouted out by Kerwin. What a load of b******

Half St Day team drinks up our clubhouse after matches no word of a lie. Plus Carharrack Clubhouse has Live Sky Sports and Setanta Sports (quick plug) with beer being only £2 a pint, unlike St Day's "Senior Clubhouse".

Match to Catch: FHFL 3 Carhararck Res v St Day III this Saturday at the Croft. The ledged that is John Webster still playing, I can see it getting very tasty.

I love St Day really.

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Guest gunners

lets just hope the pitch is in better condition than the secound team. after moaning about the ref saying his decisions were poor what a load of bullshit the ref was spot nearly ever decision as for the two footer from the chap from chacewater that bloke he did it on was a ***** he was the dirtiest git on the field he just could not take the physical game back but i did notice he was quiet all game after that then got subbed

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:clapper: :clapper::clapper::clapper::clapper::clapper::clapper:

Armed police close village

From the Camborne Packet, first published Wednesday 12th Apr 2006.

ARMED response units closed off an area of Carharrack on Saturday after reports of a man carrying guns were received by local police.

Camborne police received a call at around 2.15pm concerning a domestic incident at an address in Carharrack but before they arrived a 57-year-old man left the address taking with him what was believed at the time to be two rifles.

After setting up road blocks in the village, police asked members of the public at a football match between Carharrack and Cury, at the Howard Beauchamp Recreation Ground, to abandon the game as the man was believed to be in that area.

Sergeant Michael Friday of Camborne police said: "Obviously in circumstances involving firearms we have to be very careful. We cleared and contained the area for the safety of members of the public. We asked the people at the recreation ground to leave and they agreed."

Carharrack football club secretary Crystal Moyle said: "Two police officers came over to the pitch and asked if we could stop the game. We had no idea what was going on.

"They told us to leave the pitch as quickly as possible and make our way home, but they said we could not go into Carharrack as they had blocked the road.

"Fortunately we were only 20 minutes into the game and it was 0-0. We will be making arrangements for the game to be replayed."

Armed response units and local police gathered at the scene and searched the surrounding area. Police were also told that the man may be intending to self-harm.

After searching for around an hour the man was found close to the address where the original domestic incident had been reported, at around 3.30pm.

He was discovered with an air rifle and a shotgun and ammunition was seized immediately before he was taken into custody under the provisions of the mental health act.

He was taken to Camborne custody centre and after seeing a doctor, he was released without charge at 6.30pm.

Sergeant Michael Friday of Camborne police said: "Obviously in circumstances involving firearms we have to be very careful. We cleared and contained the area for the safety of members of the public."

Sergeant Friday added: "Fortunately no one was hurt during the incident and no shots were discharged. The man was taken to the custody centre for his own safety.

"He was not charged and was seen by a doctor who deemed him fit to be released

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