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We (Bournemoth afc) have taken a keeper on loan from Spurs. His name is David Button, apparantly he is a England under 19's keeper. But against Wycombe he cost u s a goal... That didnt bother me as we won 3-1.

But today we were winning 3-1 against Lincon and then he goes and fumbles a cross and costs us a goal. Then in the 5th minute of injury time a long pot shot from 30yards goes in past the dumpfound Button. Sorry Somersetspur, Coopsie, Peck, and all other Spurs fans, he is never going to break into your squad... Harry has to get rid! Im just p#ssed because he has cost us 2 points we could have really really done with as we are 9 points adrift off safety.

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