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fire brigade result

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hi stuart

hope you are well mate?

parksy was last man and their guy went down in the box like he had been shot. I thought he got a little bit of the ball 1st though.

wolfie played well in the middle of the park, ask him about his david dunn like flick pass before he nearly fell over.

what are the chances of your game being on tomorrow?

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Bad news about Parks, knowing our luck he will miss the Easter games!

I'd say chances of our game being on tomorrow are fairly slim (unlike Parks!). The pitch is totally saturated and we'll need several dry, windy days for it to drain whats there already let alone what's falling today and last night.

We trained at the Dragon last night and the rain was coming in sideways, even the astro was flooded!

Wolfy is playing well for us too at the moment, it's taken him all season to get back to sharpness after his broken foot at the end of last season.

All the best, come and say hello next time you're at Bodieve mate.

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Hi Rob,

Was Parks sent off then? What was it for? What is the ban likely to be, any ideas? Did Wolfy play?

Well done on the win, all the best in the next round.

Hi Stu

If Parks got sent for Denying an Obvious Goalscoring Opportunity, as it would seem by Rob's description, then it is normally a 7 day ban. Expect it to be sometime mid or end of feb.


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