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Buckland v St Blazey.

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Will tomorrows match go ahead or will the Devon boys call it off after a drop of moisture??

We should have a decent following tomorrow and a visit to a very good SWPL ground should make it a good day out. This game was due as our last away game of the season so the end of season weekender has gone out the window!! :SM_carton:

Looking forward to it, lets hope the weather does us a favour.

come on you greens!! :thumbsup:

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Hope that is not having a poke at Ivybridge for postponing a PREMIER GAME a day before due to extreme weather forcasted for Saturday. Looking out my window and I can see blue sky and looking really good, not unless they play on a Sunday.

At the moment, Ivybridge v Bodmin is the only Premier League game off this afternoon.

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