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Sine Die Suspensions

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maybe something to do with unpaid fines ???

a few more names may appear on lists in the next few weeks .

this was raised at the CCFA Roadshow at Holmans

.......players could be registered with more than one club but only the team they were playing for when they got cautioned / sent off would be advised of their fines /suspensions .

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Sine Die is normally reserved for the most serious breach of the rules on the pitch, and are for offences where there are a range of punishments for the said offence. An example would be "Striking a match official" where there are various degrees of assault and depending on what the person is charged with, the ban ranges from 180 days to a life ban + unlimited fine. They also normally require you to meet the panel at the FA in St Austell where a date for the Sine Die ban to end will be set depending on the offence you have been found guity of. Lets just say that if you get one of these bans you might not be playing for the rest of the season minimum, oh and get some overtime in as well because there will be a hefty fine on top - they regularly run into the hundreds of pounds!!!

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