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Best left sided Player

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Who is the best left sided player in mining football?

My shout is Chris Wood of Troon..In My eyes, the best left back in the league

Altho I play for Troon, I totally agree with you on this! The guy plays left back, his tackling isn't as good as the rest of the back four, but the guy is awesome!! He gets up and down the wings no problem, all day!! I've been a left midfielder with him behind me for alot of games, and when he is behind, Its the easiest game a winger would have! He pushes you up into the oppositions third because he's that good! okay thats a rubbish description, but you get what I mean?

Awesome delivery of the ball. A credit to himself and to Troon

Owain Barrett? Not in the same league as woody.. sorry!

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