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Mawgan-Hung out to dry

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I've come on here now to clear up a couple of things. In other posts I have explained what has happened and held my hands up to it, some people have been supportive others as a reason to shoot me down fair enough on both counts. The rumour mill is also giving it six nowt, saying that I have threatened Scooby, I haven't threatened him whatsoever I don't like the fella but all I have said is we will have a chat in private. Although I do think that the fact that he knew more about Mawgan's demise before anyone else goes to show how close him and Dave Sobey are and I think he has a quite a big say in how div 2 is run.

This latest thing is about something different there is no point trying to hide it as it will come out, we didn't turn up for the game on the 3rd of Jan as 1/2 of our team are service lads and were away. We had just had all our points taken off us and i was feeling a little less that 100% motivated, and there was no point getting 6 players down for the ref to call the game off anyway so I didn't confirm anything but the Hayle players turned up anyway, On the 10th the weekend of the big Cornwall freeze, 4 of us went down to mark the pitch and at 11.45 the pitch was still frozen solid in the sun and down the far end in the shade it was never going to thaw out, so I rang the Troon secretary's Mobile but got no answer and left a message on his machine then rang his home number and did the same thing but Troon still turned up as they never recieved a message from their secratary, I don't see what more I can do!

So that along with the earlier misdemeanors have led to us being thrown out, people can make up their own minds on whether this decision is harsh or fair, but I feel that the decision has been made by the league because I have had the front to dare to question the gestapo's decision's and said my piece to them at the meetings we have had.

As far as I am aware we live in a country where I have the right of freedom of speech, if some people don't like what I say then that is fair enough but not liking what I say doesn't make what I say any less true.

This is now a warning for anyone trying to run a football club, It is impossible to do the job on your own, when I came over to Mawgan it was to manage but in the end I was secretary, Manager, groundsman, recruitment officer, debt collector, chief cook and bottle washer. I had said at the end of last season after missing out on promotion with virtually the last kick of the season that I didn't want to carry on and touted the job around with no takers whatsoever so rather than let the club fold I felt I had to carry on. So people saying that they feel sorry for the people who started the club and others who ran it in the past don't bother coming up with that as they have all moved on, if you want to feel sorry for anyone make it the lads who have put the effort in over the last few years. We have one Mawgan lad playing for us and that is Ben Trerise so its not like it is a big comminity that is proud of their football team. But if anyone from Mawgan is interested in taking the team on just let me know and I will happily pass the keys on!

As most people know I have come down here from Manchester so don't have the football background of school mates and locals who I have grown up with and can call upon to represent the team but I have still managed to get a side of winners who not many teams if they are honest fancied playing against and they all came over because they wanted to play with me (so I can't be all bad can I).

So after being forced into early retirement by the gestapo I want to say a couple of things, anybody who knows me or has played against me knows I am passionate about the game and love to win. some people don't like the way I go about it with winding other players up but it is all tongue in cheek and for anyone who I went at for the whole game, it means that I was doing it to try and put you off your game which means you were worth worrying about, so in a way me telling you that you're shit for 90 minutes is a back handed compliment but it is something that I would never apologise for.

at the end of every game bar 2, (1 was the battle of St Day a couple of years ago when I was at Helston and the other this season against Newlyn non-athletico when we were hammered 7-0) win, lose or draw I always shook everyones hand and went back for a beer in everyones club house to put money over their bar and to have a laugh and show there were no hard feelings.

People will come on now and slate me but it is the man on the pitch they don't like as they don't really know me as a person.

I feel we as a club and myself personally have been very harshly treated for things that go on in amatuer football every week throughout the whole country and I really hope that someone will take over the reign's at Mawgan next season as its a great little club but for me it is a case of hanging up my (Lee Coulton's) boots and an immediate future of Saturday afternoon shopping. Thank you members of the Fal/Hel league gestapo, I hope the champagne you drink at your end of season party on the fines we have paid has been pissed in!

My nan always said if your gonna go out, go out on a song, so here goes, ahem, ahem,






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ive known mac since he came down here to live and would honestly say that he has such a massive passion for the game, what has happened is hard to deal with for a player who was with them last year. what the boys out there this season feel i wouldnt like to think. i truly think this is something that wasnt intended and after speaking to scooby that he had no intensions but to claim the points for our game! everything else has just been down to navy and the league. mac has held his hands up to making a big mistake which has now spiralled out of control and ended up with the crap decision of kicking them out of the league!!! i dont think any person would want a good village side to end up like this and knowing mac he will be so gutted, frustrated and pissed off with everything that has happened.

mawgan has brought me many years of happiness and to play footy for a village that has loved playing the game for fun,excitement and to bloody win evry week has been a privalige. i hope someone will carry it on next season.

i hope that even though their season has ended early the mawgan players can be proud of the fact that they were unbeaten and probably would of gone all the league unbeaten.

im sorry what has happened for mac and the players and wish them all luck in what ever they are doing.


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