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Wendron squad

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James Mosely

Anthony Williams

Steve Tucker

Max Davies

Angus Howlett

Andy Munroe?

Steve Hurst

Just some names I can think of, no idea if theyl be in the squad or not though???

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After the way we couldn't break Culdrose down last week even a team of Tooth Faries could have beaten us :P

We need Shrek up front for us to knock in a few goals.

Here's a thought.

Who will blink first at Trevassack Park this Saturday. Ludgvan with no wins in 19 or Hayle with no wins in 15. Could Ludgvan sneak their first point of the season?

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CTB here are the names of the first teamers supposed to be going (im pretty sure thats it)

Justin searle

Mike Newbury

Moha Imichi

i did offer but paul didnt want to take too many 1st teamers as not to upset the reserve camp-fair play really but would have loved to of bagged another goal against Pz.

hope your ok

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CTB, i dont think they're stuffing the 2nds full of 1st teamers, i know they're short of a centre back so i believe Mike Newburry will be playing, and possibly one or two other fringe players, i know there wont be full scale changes.

Other names in 2nd team squad at present are:

Nick Webber

Lee Roberts

Andrew Phillpotts

You've got the rest of the names there

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