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chelsea 4 sale?

Guest geachy1

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

Or it could all be bollocks !

Sky Sports News have just said that Roman will be taking The Sunday Times to court tomorrow for lying.

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Roman has probably lost some cash in the present climite, however, these kind of business men do not put everything in one basket, if he has lost 3 billion then he only has got 12 billion left, bloody hell he better go out and get a job.

At present I expect he is just being a little cautious and making sure his wealth is kept in tact, I expect he will have something tucked away and if the price of oil goes up again he will more likely make his money back.

The manager will more than likely sell Drogba (who is being a **** at present) and then buy two players. One to replace the striker and one to replace Cole who is out for the season ( I wish him all the best on his recovery). The blues have not played well over the past few weeks and because of this everyone, especially the press have jumped on the band wagon saying that there is unrest and the club will be up for sale. Every club has a dip, it is just that over the past three years Chelsea have been very consistant, and have not had a lose of form as they have, even though they are third only two points behind United with a better goal difference, still in the FA Cup, and through to the last sixteen of the champions league, I suppose for the standards that the team have set before it can be classed as under achieving, which in real life terms is nonsense.

I fully expect Chelsea to kick on, however, I am unsure that with the present squad we can win the title, as there is not enough creative players who can unlock a 10 man defence.

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Guest mauricio

i just read on the chelsea website that the owner will start a defamation process agaisnt the Sunday Times.

If he wins it perphaps he will recover a bit of the money he lost with this credit crunch?! :D

I think Scolari should bring Scott Sinclair back from loan to replace Cole as he seems to be trying to get some youngsters in the squad.

Come on Blues! :yahoo:

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