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Johnny and Chris sign for Cowdenbeath!

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If true, I really cant see Luds or Reski dropping down to that level can you!! I mean, why go all the way to Scotland to play that level when they could just play locally at Mining league level?! (No disrespect to Mining league intended whatsoever).

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Went to see Cowdenbeath (The Blue Brazil) V Albion Rovers about 10 years ago an awful 0-0 draw which was watched by 134 people and KO at 2pm. The reason was there was speedway on after the football and they got 2,000 for that.

Also saw Meadowbank V Albion Rovers at the scottish Athletic track in Meadowbank in the pouring rain, and weren't allowed to sit in the main stand to watch as there was a Cat show on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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