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The Premiership - An Apology

Guest Jezza

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The Premiership authorities have just announced an apology on Sky Sports :-

apparently the software that produces the league tables hasn't been working since the start of the season and so they have just been using an old table from the early eighties.....

so that explains why Liverpool were appearing at the top, not to worry though they have stated it is now fixed and they apologise to all Liverpool fans for the inconvenience and false hope. :P

apologies, too good to miss whatever the result of the Merseyside derby may be, and take heart even I will concede your not a bad 'cup side'...


1 Man Utd 21 24 47

2 Liverpool 21 22 46

3 Chelsea 22 29 45

4 Aston Villa 22 13 44


5 Arsenal 22 13 41


6 Everton 21 4 35

7 Wigan 22 2 31

8 Hull 22 -13 27

9 Fulham 19 4 26

10 West Ham 21 -4 26

11 Man City 21 9 25

12 Bolton 22 -8 23

13 Newcastle 22 -9 23

14 Sunderland 22 -9 23

15 Portsmouth 20 -12 23

16 Blackburn 21 -11 21

17 Middlesbrough 22 -15 21


18 Stoke 22 -16 21

19 West Brom 22 -17 21

20 Tottenham 21 -6 20

an amazing league this season, with Aston Villa in with a realistic shout of winning... and things so tight at the bottom 3 points between last and 12th, should be a heck of a run in for a quite a few clubs...

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I can't remember such a tight season at both the top and bottom of the table. Any of the top 5 could win the title and anyone from 8th down could get relegated. And some people say the Prem is predictable!

I reckon by the time you get to april it will be the same 2 slugging it out for the title so it is a tad predictable in my opinion

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That's the big danger I'm afraid. :(

Knowing your bunch, you'll squeak in on the last day! You could always get Villa to stay at the same Hotel Spurs stayed at a couple of years ago, Wenger recommends lasagne.....

I hate lasagne!! <_<

With regards the title, I thought Liverpool would win it this season (got money on it), but I can just see Man Utd pull away from everyone and win the title fairly comfortably with a game or two to spare!

No comment on the bottom of the league!!! ;)

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