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St Blazey 0-0 Newton Abbot Spurs

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For the second week in a row, St Blazey failed to break down their opposition and were held to a 0-0 draw.

We pushed forward in the second half, creating a hatful of chances against the wind, but can we score this season? No we can't!

At least we'll see some goals up at Buckland next week!

Attendance today was about 80 (maybe 5 or 10 from Spurs).

Up the Blazey!

As Paul reminded me today, I am, rather unfortunately, Blazey 'til I die (shame I'm still only 27!)

Only kidding, and with Clyst losing today, we're up to 10th, the half way point!

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Guest Peppermint

The visitors had a chance in the first five minutes that Tom Blackler did well to push over the bar. The rest of the match was dominated by St Blazey.

They should have scored at least three goals if not more but a combination of some good saves by the keeper and some missed chances and Gardener kicked the ball off the line when it seemed that Blazey must score. The visitor's number 4 certainly played well in an overworked defence and I am sure St Blazey are regretting their missed opportunities.

I apologise to Dan and Paul because I was reporting at Wadebridge last Saturday and again today because the Newquay/Foxhole game was off and I must be a jinx on your team!!!!!!! Three hours of football with out a goal. I promised not to be there for most of the rest of the season and I am sure you will begin to score goals!!!!!

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As always your be very welcome at Homers next week and we will have our flags ready, Bucks team on fire scoring four goals in last three games and only conceding the 1 against Elburton. Pitch very wet so lets keep fingers crossed. Team shaping up well for big push next season.

Are you looking to go up to the western league?

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