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Saw this on the 606 forum and couldnt help but chuckle!

According to the latest reports, Rafa has now blamed lorry drivers on the M6 as part of the United conspiracy theory.

It would appear that Mr Benitez had borrowed his wifes new Seat Ibeza and was travelling at 40 mph on the M6 when, looking in the mirror, he was horrified to see a red white and black Arctic very close to his rear bumper.

He now claims that he has nightmares of a United juggernaught cruising past Wigan, tailgating him all the way to Bolton, before passing him, and leaving him in a dust cloud before dissapearing into the distance . He complains the nightmares have left him needing medical help with sleeping. Rather than put him on medication, the doctor has suggested watching replays of the Stoke v Liverpool game, as it sends everyone else to sleep.

Only a bit of banter and before anyone states the obvious I and im sure all United fans are aware that the Wigan and Bolton games are going to be bloody hard games! Certainly more so than yesterday!!

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