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What now for Mr.Oaten ?

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As Mr.Bobby Oaten looked into his shaving mirror on Sunday morning,can you really blame the forlorn face looking back at him for thinking:"What a prat"?:nor would he have gleaned much comfort from reading the Sunday Independent.Forget the fact that his team were humilitated the previous day by ECPL Divisiion 1 side,St.Stephens Borough(which was no fluke):but the St.Blazey faithful must have watched the debacle with shuffling embarrassment.Mr.Oaten's massive blunder was to whinge about the pitch:this not only gave the Borough a huge incentive;but surely it relayed a defeatist message to his beleaguered charges.Why on earth did he not keep his feelings to himself and just get on with it.Moreover,he did himself no favours whatsoever with his lamentable interviev on Radio Cornwall.

So what now for the underfire fustrated Bobby?: that may well be out of his hands.But could you really blame for chucking it all in?

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Guest st george9

His comments in the press told us he wasnt up for it and we knew it...we went at blazey and beleived we could win..it shouldnt matter if you had to play on a cow feild with 3 foot grass and a slope ,u get on with it..you go out to play for your club and the people who support and run it and give your all..

Day after day i read about the pitch,the tea hut ,the fence around the pitch, a linesman ,the barrier for the fans to stand behind and parking all being poor..but when it comes down to it it 11 v 11

Blazey have alot of respect around cornwall for what they have won in the game and the club itself,but i felt with mr oatens comments and his teams comitment they lost a bit of that on saturday.....

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I'm by no means advocating artificial takes over from grass ..... but I have to say it wasn't only Mr Oaten that let St Blazey down! Some of the after match statements heard were really just "bad losing" comments! No one likes losing, but sometimes it can be done in a better style than I witnessed Saturday. :(

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