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How many of you are there?. If there's a few, a bit of "peanut depth charge" is a good laugh BUT can hit the spot quite quickly :wacko: ..

What you do is get a pack of peanuts and give each person a nut, when everybody has a nut, two at a time will drop the nut into their drink and whichever persons peanut hits the bottom of the glass/bottle 1st wins and the other person has to down their drink.

Another suggestion is to watch"BOOZED BRITS ABROAD" and "BOOZED UP BRITAIN" on Bravo from 9pm every week night. They are both quite funny and there's some great drinking games on them because it's mainly stag and hen parties etc.

Good luck bud..

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There's a very popular one at St Just called Yooboy, but you need a live goat, a granite hedge, a cattle prod, the local bike and some naive youngsters in your squad for it to work properly. I generally have to get Mother out of the clubhouse before that one starts: we don't want people being frightened or anything like that. We don't bother with the peanuts but a few packs of Mr Porky scratchings can be very helpful. :D :drink:

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