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Can you help me out?

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I'm currently doing my Level 3 / Uefa B license through the London FA whilst coaching Porthleven's 1st team in Div 1 West. But as they only train once a week, I'm looking to do more sessions so I can get in as many hours as possible before my final exams in the new year.

I live in Penzance but am prepared to travel and will need players of a fairly good standard and training facilities that are fairly large (half pitch minimum), outdoor and floodlit. Numbers wise, I'd like between 12 and 18 players per sessions for around 60 - 90mins

The topics covered by the Level 3 is pretty extensive, so if there is a problem area within your team you'd like to address, I expect I can help. I'm not looking to change teams or take anyone's job as I'm very happy at Port, but if you think you can help me or I can help you, please get in touch.

Failing that I'd be more than happy to try and book a slot at the Penzance Astropitch and invite anyone along who wants to get some quality coaching. So if you want to get in touch you can PM me or email me at 'thad@soulglow.co.uk'


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Guest Sport Lover

Hi I am looking for a fitness coach to help the Cornwall Mens senior hockey team improve their fitness and warm up sessions before a match if thats any use to you? I would be very interested if it is.

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Thanks Matt, will do for sure! If you can think of any clubs who might be able to help me get me hours I'd love to know.


Sport Lover,

Thanks for the offer, but unfortunately I know very little about hockey and so wouldn't be much use to you, but thanks for the interest and good luck in your hunt!


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Hi Thad,

I know how awkward it can be and how difficult the topics are.

My 6th form team play every other week and train every other week. If you don't mind coming up to Newquay on Wednesday afternoons around 2pm you can use my 6th form elite team to get your session practice, and I'll give you any feedback you may require.

Contact me at Newquay Tretherras School 01637 872080 ext 246


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